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Our Story

We were founded in 2011 to create stronger digital connections throughout the healthcare ecosystem. We focus on helping providers improve efficiencies, profitability and patient care, while creating a communications channel with the patient and other stakeholders in the healthcare continuum.

Our first area of focus has been to transform the patient check-in and intake process. We’ve replaced outdated and inefficient manual processes with innovative and cutting-edge technology. We simplify and streamline the collection, integration, and review of critical patient information.

Our industry-leading solution has been adopted by medical practices across an array of sizes, specialties, and locations. The software platform delivers the following benefits:

Advances the relationship among patients, providers, and practices.

  • Reducing the administrative burden of the check-in and intake process
  • Giving clinicians and staff more time and ability to deliver patient-centered care
  • Improving the patient and provider experiences

Catalyzes and nurtures patient access and engagement.

  • Creating a digital connection with patients beginning with a best-in-class patient registration platform
  • Providing a digital outlet to accurately and confidentially share health updates and concerns
  • Establishing a highly efficient and effective channel for ongoing communication

Enhances operational efficiency.

  • Eliminating paper processes and expenses
  • Streamlining clinical and administrative workflows
  • Improving data accuracy, completeness and reliability
  • Increasing payment collections
  • Aiding practices in meeting incentivized requirements of government initiatives

1G2A3778Epion’s best-in-class platform provides medical practices a solution to drive revenue in order to ensure profitability and high satisfaction across the staff and patient population. We’re proud of our success in the digital check-in and intake process. And we’re confident that our problem-solving approach will translate to many additional areas within the healthcare ecosystem.
As a trusted partner to healthcare organizations, we believe what we do is just as important as who we are and why we do it. We are a mission-driven team, aligned with our clients’ goal of delivering patient-centered care. We are agile and responsive. We are committed to developing effective solutions designed with significant inputs from our clients, to meet their needs, while also looking forward and innovating to meet the future demands of healthcare. And, as in medicine, our team is continually evaluating and enhancing our work to ensure we deliver the best results and outcomes possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the power of technology to improve digital access to patients. We focus on the major stakeholders in healthcare with a special focus on the provider-patient relationship. By finding the alignments between and among organizations, we enhance relationships, nurture true engagement, and advance administrative and clinical efficiency.

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