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Epion PreVisit

Check-in Starts on the Couch

With Epion PreVisit, the check-in process starts on the phone, well ahead of the scheduled appointment, allowing patients to complete steps at their convenience.

  • Enable patients to check-in at home, with access to prescriptions and family resources
  • Perform insurance eligibility before appointments
  • Configurable text messages and reminders
  • Real-time updates to Athena
  • Reduce no-shows and late arrivals
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Hi Jane.

PreVisit begins with a simple text message, including a secure link to check-in steps. No app download or portal account needed— just start checking in!

Patients can complete as much (or as little) as they want before arrival. Whatever they complete will be saved to their record and they will simply pick up where they left off when they arrive for their appointment.

NO lost work or duplicate entry!

Simple screens to promote high completion and accuracy.

Meaningful Results

Average Minutes Saved Per Check-in in the Office*

Average Patient Completing Some Steps Before Arrival*

Average Patient Completing All Steps Before Arrival*