Epion Check-inTM replaces inefficient, manual patient intake forms with an innovative, customizable, digital check-in technology

  • Real-time data exchange with athenaCollector®, athenaClinicals® and athenaCommunicator®
  • Customized to match existing intake forms, questions and messaging
  • Presents patient with co-pay and outstanding balance to increase Time of Service payments
  • Supports collection of patient information for additional revenue and quality reporting
  • Significantly improves accuracy and completeness of patient chart data
Icon Data
3X Increase in demographic
data collection
from patients
Icon Money Clear
$583 Increase in monthly
per-provider patient collections
at time of service
Icon Time
2:36 Decrease in average
patient time in
exam room 
Icon Process Flow
24% Increase in staff
efficiency related to
patient intake

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